This is Amant


Northern Norway has fostered many musical talents throughout the ages, and among them Amant is emerging as a strong force in hard rock and metal. With roots deeply rooted in the Arctic landscape, Amant delivers a unique blend of raw energy and melodic finesse.

The band, consisting of skilled musicians with varied backgrounds, has created its own signature sound that captures the essence of Northern Norway’s generosity and rawness. Amant’s music is a sonic journey through mountains and fjords, where powerful guitars and pulsating rhythms act as the driving force behind the band’s intense soundscape.
Amant takes inspiration from the roots of hard rock and the power of metal, and gives it a distinct northern Norwegian feel. Their songs intertwine heavy riffs with evocative melodies, and the lyrics delve into subjects that are steeped in love and dark personal feelings, anxiety, anger and suffering, and the human soul. The band’s lyrics often reflect the contrasts in questions about the meaning of life, death, and man’s place in the universe. As well as the majestic natural landscapes of the hardy and passionate people who call the region home.
Amant is not just a band; it’s an experience, a journey through the rugged landscape that has shaped their sound and identity.